Why I Decided to Get a Tattoo


A tattoo can serve any number of purposes between paying homage and looking sweet, but it is most remarkable in its potential to be emblematic of change.

It was Monday, March 11, 2013. I had an Organic Chemistry test that evening so I woke up early to head to work and study. Finding my ambitions taxed by the ordeal of lengthening my day by half an hour, I arrived and turned on my office computer to check Facebook. After two clicks of searching, I learned that Luke Stalker, a fraternity brother of mine studying abroad, had died the previous evening. He stepped out onto the balcony of his hotel room for a cigarette and something happened.

To rise and prepare for a Monday like any other and find that one of your fraternity brothers fell out of a building in Paris to his death. When my last fraternity brother passed…

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