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Mobile Dependent

As I wait for FedEx to deliver my shinning new iPhone,  I realize a couple of interesting reality tid bits.  Today, in addition to being a slightly trying lesson in patience, it has also shown me how much I rely on my mobile phone.

After all, it is more than just a phone. It is mini computer connecting me with my contacts, my calendar of appointments, all the information the internet has to offer, my gosh, it is my connection to the outside world.

I am truly amazed at how much I rely on this small piece of technology.  I feel absolutely naked!  Somewhat vulnerable without this transmitter/receiver I keep by my side day and night.

Do not get me wrong there are times I am phone-less, when I turn it off for dinner, meetings, to work out, go on a hike, or a ride.   I love these times.  In fact, I relish them as much as I love going off the grid by getting back to nature. It takes me back to that simpleness I love  and cherish so very much.

This time is different, without control over the when and where, I am adrift.

I sit on the edge of my chair, waiting to hear the rumble of the truck.  Since I have no phone, the driver cannot call me from the call box.  I am chained to the seat nearest the street view. How did Rapunzel do it? Yes, it is a bit chilly, no, I cannot close the window, what if i don’t hear the truck?

As my day grows closer to the time I must run out, I grow more and more tenty. Any low grumbles from mufflers, or heaviness in sound from the weight of a vehicle slowing, catches my attention.  I fear I will have the nerves of a chihuahua by the end of this day.

I also realize this reliance annoys me.  I do not like to be controlled or too dependent on anything.  One could say I keep my list of vices very short.  Yes, I do look upon the reliance of a gadget, a habitual, albeit trivial defect in character.

My goodness, this habit has been going on for 17 years!  I was hooked the night my dear friend and I lost our way in Alligator Ally.  Gosh, was that really 17 years ago?!

My trusty Motorola Brick, never did that beauty drop a call, connected us with information, who then in turn, guided us to the proper exit.  All the while a toothless weathered man, kept driving , in a car with one headlight, along side us yelling for us to pull over.  I had heard too many stories of people being killed or worse in the swamp, I was not about to listen.

The 411 operator apparently had heard the stories as well, she instructed us to drive as fast as we could to the exit.  With her fellow operators in the background at the ready to contact the sherif, should we be in more dire straits.

As we turned off Alligator Ally to connect with I-95, and said our thank you’s to the cheering operators, I knew that I could never go without a mobile phone again.

I digress

Off I must run in my car to an appointment. To do so I must now write a note so that FedEx  will ring my neighbor.

Driving, I think of at least three different people I need to call, it will have to wait.  I feel that vulnerable feeling again. How would I phone AAA if my car should brake down.?

Driving back traffic is dreadful. I know I will be late to my 5:30pm appointment. With no way of phoning from the car I must wait until I return home.

Arriving home, I am sure the package with my phone will be waiting for me. With a smile on my face I bound up the stairs, two at a time.  Only to be disappointed.  I learn from my neighbor that FedEx has not come.

I finally decided to roll up my sleeves and take matters into my own hands.  I phoned FedEx; they track the package using my address.  The pleasant sounding young lady explains to me that the package should arrive at my doorstep tomorrow morning; no there is no guarantee of time, and yes it was sent out overnight. However, due to a “mechanical error” ( whatever that means) it was delayed by a day.  She asks me to hold while she transfers me to a different department where they will issue my company credit.   The phone rings and rings, finally a recording comes on and says that there has been an error in the call and that I must hang up and call back.

What I must do is ask, why does anyone use FedEx? Does anyone else have bad FedEx karma? I never have this issue with UPS.  The only way FedEx is consistent is in their inconsistency.

Enough, it is out of my hands.  I will have another night without a phone.  Worse things have happened.
I have bubbly and an episode of “Downton Abby” is on the DVR.
That should sooth my chihuahua nerves.   C’est la vie!