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To Thine Own Self Be True

William Shakespeare’sHamlet” has been one of my favorite plays from the moment I first read it and then later watched it performed.

While I often find Shakespeare’s work to be full of wisdom, I find Act 1, scene 3, where Polonius gives advice to his son Laertes to be dear to my own life philosophy.


Accouterments of Time

It is really rather simple, all I have to do is gaze upon one, and the vivid emotion filled imagery comes flooding into my mind’s eye. One does not even need to physically hold one of these objet, although I sometimes do.

Some of these rare treasures I have found, some have found me and some have been passed down though my family as heirlooms.

They are precious time travel devices, to not only my past, but links to my elders and their life stories.

There are people who call these treasures, and those of use who curate them, by disrespectful names. (Tchotchke, bauble, Knick-knack, trinket, dust collector, and worst of all clutter or junk)

These stoics simply do not understand the power these beautiful time capsules possess for those of us who know how to connect with them.

With each one of these accouterments, I am taken back to the memory it possess’. Not only the moment acquired but the emotions and happenings of that bygone day.

For instance, when I was about 14, on a class trip one of my teachers offered to buy my group of students anything we wanted from the candy store. When I chose a porcelain figure instead of candy my teacher proclaimed I was silly to use the money to buy a dust collector. However, because of that little treasure I remember not only the purchase, I remember the who, the where, the light, the temperature and the joyous mood of a day filled with laughter.

It does not mater what they look like, or what they are made from, as they come in many different shapes sizes and materials. Some are even in the form of subsistence. (Science tells us the most powerful are the ones that contain scent. I quite agree.)

When ever I use a recipe of my grandmothers my kitchen smells like her kitchen and all the memories of that most love filled room.

No matter what the philistines and the minimalists say, I will protect them and hold them dear for as long as they are in my charge. Because when it comes to these cherished memory keeper’s “more is more”.

Care packages

We have all become so very busy, chained to our schedules, and most social interaction is done via keyboard.

However, one simple fact remains, everyone likes to feel they are cared for, especially when one is feeling a bit poorly or fatigued.

A simple way to lift the sprits, and show a friend or loved one you are thinking of them is with a wee care package.

I sincerely do not believe it is necessary to fill an extravagant basket full of expensive product. After all, it really is the thought that counts.

For example, when I have a sick friend, I like to fill a shoe box with pantry finds. Tea, a can or two of soup, a paperback novel or perhaps a dvd. I keep a box of blank cards for the times a quick note is needed. Tie it all together with some kitchen twine; and you get the general idea. A simple gesture to bring a smile and a bit of emotional comfort. You dont even need to disturb your friend drop it at the door and send them a text.

Another delightful gesture is a couple of muffins and a bottle of water for the weary traveler.

When flying one gets so tiered and hungry. The food on the aeroplane is not only awful but expensive as well. I bear this in mind when I make an aeroport run. That being said, time is short, and while I am more than capable of baking from scratch I find keeping a couple of boxes of muffin mix around is the way forward.

My friends never let me down, they happily gobble up the yummy treats without fail.

To be thoughtful and considerate in any way is always welcome. A gesture caries more weight than mere words. It physically illustrates to a person that they do matter. I don’t believe one has to go to extremes or expense to express caring, empathy, consideration or thankfulness.

Simple ways to lift a sick or tired friend’s day.

  • Care package
  • Offer to pick up some basics while at the store
  • A timely, baked snack
  • Personal note